Published Novella – Romulus Rex


After months of wishing Amazon’s new publishing platform, a takeover from Createspace, would acknowledge Latin as a language, I finally gave in and published my first novella through Lulu. You can purchase it here.

This novice level Latin language novella has 80 unique words (excluding proper names, different forms, and words defined in the text), making it perfect for beginning Latin students. It stands at just over 1,000 words. Long vowels are marked. Additionally, the novella contains a complete Latin to English glossary and a list of all the high-frequency words a reader will encounter, so that teachers can prepare classes with targeted vocabulary lessons.

Romulus Rex loosely follows the story of Romulus and Remus as well as Romulus’ founding of Rome. It contains violence (drowning and murder) and death (family, friends, and a brother) – obviously, this is a Latin story – so might not be appropriate for very young readers. However, this story does not just re-tell the story of Romulus in simple Latin, but does so with dinosaurs. Fun for all!

I spent countless hours setting up and photographing dinosaur toys all around town to illustrate the story. Each illustration includes comic book-like speech bubbles and narrative “stars” to recap important parts of the story and help students understand the story.


The story itself is written in the past tense, imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect tenses, but through dialogue and speech bubbles, the present and future tenses are also used. Although the vocabulary is sheltered (i.e. limited), in addition to a variety of tenses, this novella also contains indirect statements, uses complementary infinitives, and comparative and superlative adjectives. When not obvious through context, these constructions are glossed within the text.

For a more detailed look at this novella, explore here (scroll left and right to see pages).

I am currently working on creating some teacher-resources for using alongside this novella. I don’t plan to publish the teacher-resources as an additional book, but instead share the files on this site, available for free.

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