Four Heroes (Quattuor Heroes) #1: Hercules


Hercules, the greatest of the Greek heroes… maybe, maybe not. If you are a teacher looking for Hercules resources: a simplified, vocabulary-sheltered, comprehensive story on Hercules, along with CI activities to preview, assess, and review the story… look no further!

[Disclaimer: I have not class-tested these resources yet, but am planning to next school year. I’m sure there are mistakes. Use and edit as necessary… even better, share any suggestions with me so all can benefit.]

This is only part one: It covers the story of Hercules, based mainly on Hyginus’ Fabulae.

Hercules, Maximus Heros (word, editable) – seven chapters covering the birth, the early life, all the labors, a few of his later adventures, and his death. It does mention the suicide of Deianira in passing (chapter 7).

Activity Packet for Hercules (pdf, activities per chapter and review) – a nice collection of easy to use listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities. There are two review activities for use at the end of the story.

Dictatio & Verum/Falsum (word, per chapter) – ten dictatio phrases/clauses, not so much sentences, and five true/false statements to preview and review each chapter.

Eventually, I’m looking to combine all these files into a larger resource, along with a similar story and activities for Perseus, Theseus, and Jason and the Argonauts. If there is something particular you are looking for, please let me know.

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