Latin I

Class Syllabus & Grading Information

Interpersonal Communication Rubric

Letter to Parents

In addition to this site as their main resource, each student has access to the RCPS Latin I website textbook: Lingua Latina I. In class, each student will have access to Jenney’s First Year Latin textbook and workbook.

We will be using a number of online sites for practice and review: Quizlet, Magistrula, Quizizz, Gimkit, and EdPuzzle. Students will be required to use their first names and last initial to sign into those sites, and if required, will register with their school email.

Assignments outside direct instructional time (i.e. homework, substitute work, make up work, downtime in class) will consist of note-taking from Latin Tutorial videos on grammar to be covered during the first year. The notes will be turned in (three each nine weeks) for completion checks.

1st Nine Weeks: Basic Latin Word Order / The Present Tense / The Subjectless Verb
2nd Nine Weeks: Basics of Declension / Latin’s Case System / The Future Tense
3rd Nine Weeks: The Nominative and Accusative Cases / The Prepositional Phrase in Latin / The Imperfect Tense
4th Nine Weeks: The Perfect Tense / Personal Pronouns / The Pluperfect Tense

These sites can be used for specific reviews of grammar during class and while at home:

Cursus Honorum
Nouns (by declension)
Sphinx Classical Identifications
Latin Driller Killer is a source of multiple exercises for nouns, verbs, and vocabulary review
Interactive Grammar Tables
Interactive Latin Review
Active Verb Practice
Passive Verb Practice