Mythica Resources

What follows is a collection of story and myth resources related to the county curriculum, but applicable for an approach to learning via comprehensible input.

Deities – the Dei unit by Stepping into CI (created by Rachel Ash, Miriam Patrick, and Robert Patrick, Ph.D.): Principium Terrae, Saturnus, Dei, Juno, Minerva, Vulcanus Victor, Venus, Diana et Apollo; Pluto: Fabula Amoris by Miriam Patrick; Deities of the Week PowerPoint videos (from virtual teaching during the COVID-19 crisis); Legonium & Magister Craft videos about various deities

HerculesLabores Herculis (I-VI)

Falling somewhere between Deities and Hercules, there is Cerberus. Miriam Patrick has written a series of four stories about Cerberus and his family (as part of the Stepping into CI subscription), which I can’t wait to share with my students. I already talk about my own dogs all the time in class!

PerseusPerseus: pars I & Perseus: pars II; Ritchie’s Fabulae Faciles: Perseus from Geoffrey Steadman’s reader

Theseus – Minotaurus: Class, Story (Text), Questions

Jason et ArgonautaeIason et Lana Aurea, Iason et Harpyiae, Iason in Colchis

As a follow-up to some of these myths, there is an audio via podcast available to practice listening.

In addition, Operation LAPIS has easy-readings on the above topics: Page 1, Page 2