Latin II

Curriculum Outline

Target Goal: Students will be able to use Latin in order to make comparisons between the products and practices of their own and other cultures and to help them understand perspectives.

Essential Question: Who were the Romans?

Target Verbs: relinquere, capere/rapere, (bellum) gerere, invenire, ducere, fugere/effugere, interficere/necare, iter facere, timere, iubere, e/mittere, expellere,  laudare, narrare/inquit

TPR: portare, exclamare/clamare, sumere, tenere, ponere, lacrimare

Driving Question #1: Where did Romans come from?

Novellas: Agrippina, mater fortis (abesse, quaerere, subridere) with Livia, mater eloquens (induere, parare, loqui) in reading groups/book clubs, Bellum Troianum () & Augury is for the Birds: Marcus de Avibus Discit ()

Gloria et Auctoritas: the Trojan saga (Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid)
Target Structures: demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns

Pietas: the Roman monarchy
Target Structures: degrees of adjectives and adverbs, passive voice

Driving Question #2: Who was the ideal Roman?

Novellas: Lars Romam Odit (aperire/claudere, odere) & Sacri Pulli (curare, referre) with Surus Elephas Hannibalis () in reading groups/book clubs

Honestas: Roman heroes of the monarchy and the early republic
Target Structures: infinitives/uses of the infinitive

Gravitas et Dignitas: Hannibal, Scipio, and the Gracchi brothers
Target Structures: participles/uses of the participle

We will be learning Latin with comprehension-based strategies so that the language is accessible and compelling to all students. Students will acquire Latin to access the content of the course and to make the content their own.

The study of grammar, though not taught explicitly in class, will be covered naturally.

If your student enjoys or wants to learn grammatical terms and paradigms, I suggest the following educational video tutorials as additional educational opportunities.

1st Nine Weeks: is, ea, id / hic, haec, hoc / ille, illa, illud / The Latin Relative Pronoun: qui, quae, quod
2nd Nine Weeks: Introduction to the Latin Adjective / Comparative and Superlative Adjectives / The Passive Voice in Latin
3rd Nine Weeks: A Theory of Tenses / An Introduction to the Latin InfinitiveThe Latin Infinitive
4th Nine Weeks: Participles in Latin / Ablative Absolutes

These sites can be used for specific reviews of grammar during class and while at home:

Cursus Honorum
Nouns (by declension)
Sphinx Classical Identifications
Latin Driller Killer is a source of multiple exercises for nouns, verbs, and vocabulary review
Interactive Grammar Tables
Interactive Latin Review
Active Verb Practice
Passive Verb Practice