Seafoam Novellas

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Romulus Rex – a novice-level novella with just 80 unique words; a retelling of the legends of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome with dinosaurs; available for purchase through Lulu.

Unpublished Novellas (available free, for use during the COVID-19 pandemic)

These novellas have not been class-tested. They have been self-edited, but mistakes might still appear. They are not ready for publication and so are lacking extensive vocabulary help and/or macrons. If you decide to use one or both, I would appreciate any feedback regarding interest, readibility, and errors.

Hercules, Maximus Heros (Hercules_MaximusHeros – pdf) (Hercules_MaximusHeros – word) – an intermediate-level novella; very straight-forward version of the story, basically a simplified re-telling from Hyginus; no dictionary provided, but does contain some vocabulary help


Fabia et flamma Vestae (Fabia_et_flamma_Vestae – pdf) (Fabia_et_flamma_Vestae – word) – a novice-level novella; all about birthday traditions, the Vestal virgins, and the Vestalia; has an almost complete dictionary, but no macrons