Four Heroes (Quattuor Heroes) #1: Hercules

Hercules - MAXIMUS HEROS! Hercules, the greatest of the Greek heroes... maybe, maybe not. If you are a teacher looking for Hercules resources: a simplified, vocabulary-sheltered, comprehensive story on Hercules, along with CI activities to preview, assess, and review the story... look no further! [Disclaimer: I have not class-tested these resources yet, but am planning … Continue reading Four Heroes (Quattuor Heroes) #1: Hercules

Published Novella – Romulus Rex

After months of wishing Amazon's new publishing platform, a takeover from Createspace, would acknowledge Latin as a language, I finally gave in and published my first novella through Lulu. You can purchase it here. This novice level Latin language novella has 80 unique words (excluding proper names, different forms, and words defined in the text), … Continue reading Published Novella – Romulus Rex