Vita Cottidiana Latine

A series of videos produced with Canva to introduce Latin vocabulary related to daily life in a visually attractive and comprehensible manner. Each video focuses on a related group of vocabulary terms, used alongside high-frequency verbs and cognates, to tell a short story. These are not just videos of vocabulary words and images. There is a story-telling element integrated.

Videos present the vocabulary terms in context. At the end of each video, the terms are again presented in contextual chunks – which can be used to review the terms and check for understanding. Following a review of the vocabulary, there are 3-5 comprehension questions. These can be answered as a class, used to create a chart, graph, or other visual, or answered by individual students. Finally, a single question is posed which can be used to personalize the vocabulary either through Card Talk or PQA (Personalized Question & Answer).

At present, the videos are being posted on YouTube without audio. As such, they can be used as a silent read-along activity or the teacher can opt to read the video aloud as the students watch. In the future, alternate versions of the videos will be posted with audio.

Macrons are not used in the videos, however they are marked in the transcripts.

DOMUS: magna familia, non habet, insula est, in villa habitat, domum vult, multas cellas, ad — it, parvam casam, habitare vult, domi est, multae familiae habitant, in urbe

Transcript with macrons.

CELLAE: filia est, ad _ it, ad latrinam, noli ridere, legere vult, ad tablinum, in _ est, non dormit, consumit, in cubiculo, in triclinio, noli dormire

Transcript with macrons.

URBS: est avis, popinam videt, per urbem, multi homines, cibus est, avis it, ad basilicam, in templo, ad forum, in thermis, multum cibum, cibum quaerit

Transcript with macrons.