Nomen mihi est Laura Berg. Magistra sum. Linguam Latinam et humanitatem Romanorum… et humanitatem meorum discipulorum… Latine doceo. Salve!

My name is Laura Berg. I am a teacher. I teach the Latin language and culture of Romans… and the culture of my students… in Latin. Welcome!

Within these pages, hopefully you’ll find words to ponder, stories to get lost in, pictures to inspire, songs to lift spirits, activities to motivate, and ideas to generate.

All mistakes made are my own. I accept corrections, suggestions, and advice.

Before moving on… the following article is an excellent read outlining and stating much better than I ever could why I believe in Comprehensible Input and why other Latin teachers should as well.

It’s Time to Fix Your Pedagogy: FAQ and Resources for Creating an Equitable Latin Classroom by John Bracey