Four Heroes (Quattuor Heroes) #1: Hercules

Hercules - MAXIMUS HEROS! Hercules, the greatest of the Greek heroes... maybe, maybe not. If you are a teacher looking for Hercules resources: a simplified, vocabulary-sheltered, comprehensive story on Hercules, along with CI activities to preview, assess, and review the story... look no further! [Disclaimer: I have not class-tested these resources yet, but am planning … Continue reading Four Heroes (Quattuor Heroes) #1: Hercules

Journey into New Lands: Comprehensible Input

Taking the learning of Latin from grammar charts and translation to communicative and comprehensible. After a rather rough year (2017-2018 school year), where I felt I was doing all the "right" things to teach the Latin to the students, nevertheless, the students weren't learning. No one, they or I, was having fun. Each day was … Continue reading Journey into New Lands: Comprehensible Input